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*1.  Philip Roth was hailed as a major new author in 1960.

A) published                B) challenged              C) acclaimed                D) guided

2.    He was one of the principal organizers of the association.

A) planners                  B) employees               C) actors                      D) recipients

*3.  It is postulated that population trends have an effect on economic fluctuations.

A) challenged              B) assumed                  C) deducted                 D) decreed

*4.  This kind of animals are on the verge of extinction, because so many are being killed for their fur.

A) drying up                B) dying out                C) being exported        D)being transplanted

*5.  The train came to an abrupt stop, making us wonder where we were.

A) slow                       B) noisy                      C) sudden                    D) jumpy

*6.  During the Second World War, all important resources in the U. S. were allocated by the federal government.

A) nationalized            B) commandeered        C) taxed                      D) distributed

*7.  The little boy was so fascinated by the mighty river that he would spend hours sitting on its bank and gazing at the passing boats and rafts.

A) very strong             B) very long                C) very great                D) very fast

*8.  The stories of Sarah Oren Jewett are considered by many to be more authentically regional than those of Bret Harte.

A) elegantly                 B) genuinely                C) intentionally           D) thoroughly

*9.  The number of the United States citizens who are eligible to vote continues to increase.

A) encouraged             B) enforced                  C) expected                 D) entitled

10.  Formulated in 1823, the Monroe Doctrine asserted that the Americas were no longer open to European colonization.

A) stated firmly                                              B) argued light-mindedly

C) thought seriously                                       D) announced regrettably

11.  Smoking is not permitted in the office.

A) probable                  B) possible                   C) admitted                 D) allowed

12.  The chairman proposed that we should stop the meeting.

A) stated                     B) declared                  C) suggested                D) announced

13.  I feel regret about what's happened.

A) sorry                       B) disappointed            C) shameful                 D) disheartened

14.  She has proved that she can be relied on in a crisis.

A) lived on                  B) depended on            C) lived off                  D) believed in

15.  John removed his overcoat.

A) took away               B) left aside                 C) took off                   D) washed off



1.    C  hail和acclaim意思相近,表示“向……歡呼”“將……擁戴為”。He was acclaimed as Britain’s greatest modern painter. 他被贊譽為英國最偉大的現代畫家。publish:出版。challenge:挑戰。challenge his theory:向他的理論挑戰。guide:指導。

2.    A  principal organizer:主要組織者。planner:組織者,策劃者。employee:雇員。actor:演員。recipient:接受者。She is a welfare recipient. 她是接受福利救濟的人。

3.    B  postulate:假定。與assume(設想;假定)意思相近。I assume you don’t drive, Mr. Jones? 瓊斯先生,我想你不會開車吧?challenge:挑戰。His authority was challenged. 他的權威性受到了挑戰。deduct:減去。Tax will be deducted automatically from your wages. 稅會自動從你工資中扣除。decree:頒布(法令、政令)。The minister decreed that there would be a full investigation over this matter. 部長下令,將對此進行全面調查。

4.    B  extinction:滅絕,絕跡。與die out(絕種)意思相近。The giant panda is in danger of dying out. 大熊貓面臨絕種的危險。dry up:擦干。Let me wash up these plates and you dry them up. 我來洗盤子,你來把它們擦干。export:出口。Many bicycles are exported each year. 每年都有許多自行車出口到國外。transplant:移植,遷移。Many vegetables were transplanted to the north, growing in the greenhouse. 許多種蔬菜移植到了北方,在溫室里生長。

5.    C  abrupt:突然的。Following an abrupt change of the topic, we started to complain about the quality of food. 話題突然一轉,我們開始抱怨飯菜的質量。sudden與abrupt的意思近似:突然的。slow:慢。noisy:吵人的。jumpy:跳動的;神經過敏的。She seemed very jumpy recently. 她最近情緒很不穩定。

6.    D  allocate:分配,撥給。distribute:分發,分布。Distribute the pictures among the children, will you? 請把圖片發給孩子們,好嗎?nationalize:國有化。The government decided to nationalize the railways and the mines. 政府決定將鐵路和礦山國有化。commandeer:征用。They were afraid that their land would be commandeered. 他們害怕土地會被征用。tax:征稅。Cigarettes in this country are heavily taxed. 這個國家對香煙征很高的稅。

7.    A  mighty:強大的,強有力的。We are dealing with forces that are mightier than ourselves. 我們正在應付強于我們的勢力。strong:強壯的。long:長的。great:大的,偉大的。fast:快的。

8.    B  authentic:真的,真正的。an authentic manuscript:一部真正的原稿。genuine:真的,真正的。glovesmade of genuine leather:真皮手套。elegant:優雅的,漂亮的。intentional:故意的,有意識的。thorough:徹底的,仔細周到的。

9.    D  eligible:有資格的。Those who have a mountain bike are eligible to join the club. 擁有山地自行車的人有資格加入此俱樂部。entitle:給……權利(或資格)。be entitled to...:有權(或資格)。Everyone is entitled to receive education. 人人都有受教育的權利。注意:be entitled to中的to既可能是不定式的to,也可能是介詞to,也就是說整個短語除可跟動詞原形外,也可以跟名詞短語。Every child in Britain is entitled to free education. 英國的每個孩子都有權享受免費教育。encouraged:此處是encourage(鼓勵)的過去分詞形式。The children are encouraged to go in for more sports. 孩子們受到參加更多體育運動的鼓勵。expected:此處是expect(期望)的過去分詞形式。We are expected to finish the job before six. 他們期望我們在6點鐘之前做完這項工作。

10.  A  assert:宣稱,斷言。與state firmly(堅定地說)意思相近。argue light-mindedly:輕率地爭辯。think seriously:嚴肅地認為。announce regrettably:令人遺憾地宣布。

11.  D  permit:允許。allow:允許。They shouldn’t allow parking in the street; it’s too narrow. 他們不該允許在街道上停車,街道太窄了。probable:很可能。It is probable that it will rain tomorrow. 明天很可能下雨。possible:可能的。Is such a thing possible? 這樣的事有可能發生嗎?admit:承認。I’m willing to admit that I do make mistakes. 我愿意承認我確實會犯錯。

12.  C  propose:建議;提議。suggest:建議。She suggested that he should adapt himself to his new conditions. 她建議他應適應新的情況。state:陳述,宣布。You’ll have to state what exactly these terms mean. 你須說明這些術語的確切意思是什么。declare:宣布。She declared that she didn’t want to see him again. 她宣布不想再見到他。announce:宣布。They announced that she would give an extra song. 他們宣布她會再唱一支歌。

13.  A  regret:feel regret about sth. 對……感到懊悔。sorry:遺憾的。The manager had said that he was sorry and there was nothing he could do about it. 經理說過他很遺憾,對此他沒有什么辦法。disappointed:失望的。They were very disappointed at the outcome of the talks. 他們對會議的結果深感失望。shameful:可恥的,不光彩的。To steal money from a blind person is a shameful act. 偷盲人的錢是可恥的行為。disheartened:泄氣。She is easily disheartened by difficulties. 面對困難,她很容易泄氣。

14.  B  rely on:依靠。depend on:依靠,依賴。The town depends almost solely on the tourist trade. 小鎮的經濟主要依靠旅游業。live on:靠……生活。They live on vegetarian food. 他們以素食為主。live off:靠……生活。She still lives off her parents. 她仍靠父母養活。believe in:對……有信心。If you believe in yourself you can succeed. 如果你相信自己,你就會取得成功。

15.  C  remove:脫掉;去掉。take off:脫掉,拿下。She took off her spectacles. 她摘下了眼鏡。take away:拿去,剝奪。They are going to take my citizenship away. 他們將剝奪我的公民資格。leave aside:擱置。Let’s leave aside the matter for a moment. 讓我們暫且把此事擱一擱。wash off:把……洗掉。Wash these dirty marks off the wall. 把墻上的這些污點洗掉。

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